La coupe – Small French restaurant in Okusawa

10. Hobby General

« La coupe« は、奥沢にある小さなフレンチレストラン。

It’s been a long time ago, but I’ve visited this restaurant once when I lived around here.

I couldn’t forget the delicious food and warm atmosphere, so I visited again with my good music friends.

That warm atmosphere is still there. And the food.

I didn’t hesitate to choose the most generous course.

Two appetizers.

And fish dishes.

A meat dish is also included.

Oh yes, wine. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge from driving in France and even Burgundy. I decided to go here considering the price and area.

One bottle for the three of us. We had to work tomorrow, so we were conservative. But it’s worth the price.

Dessert is strawberry millefeuille.

It was delicious.

The most important factor is who you are going with and what kind of stories you are going to tell.