Time difference between Greece and France that I didn’t notice because of my iPhone



I was flying from Paris to Athens. The screenshot above is the flight time, but it took 5 hours to get there, but only 3 hours to get back.

When I went from west to east and from east to west, I thought that the time might change a little between Athens and Paris because it is a long distance.

However, there was no sign of the plane landing even at 11:50, the arrival time of the return flight…. The transfer time at the Paris airport was 1 hour and 30 minutes, and I was getting a little worried.

When I eventually arrived in Paris, it was 12:50 on my iPhone. However.

« Maybe… »

When I arrived in Paris, I turned off the iPhone’s airplane mode again and connected it to SFR, which is covered by a packet flat rate, and the iPhone time was back to 11:50.

Yes, there is a time difference between Greece and France, isn’t there?

Time-j.net 世界時計 – 世界の時間と時差 http://www.time-j.net/ より

It seems that I misunderstood the guidebook. I thought it was strange to have the same time difference between France and Greece, though they are quite far apart.