Google Earth on iOS can read kml now!

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02.IT relatedgooglegoogle earth

It’s a pretty maniacal topic, so I’m sorry…

Google Earth for iOS and iPhone, which I’ve been pretty absent from lately, but this news popped up today!

In short, they can now open « kml » in Google Earth on the iPhone and iPad!

I’m not sure why I’m subscribing to this blog, but…

So I tried it with my iPhone, which I have at hand.

↓Opened the file here.

I just opened this URL in Safari.

Sure enough, « Open with Google Earth » appears! Brilliant!

When I opened it quickly, the app really started up.

Surprised how light it is, how fast it processes! The line is 3G, not even WiFi.

But then again, Google Earth itself may have gotten faster.

If it’s this light, I might be able to use it like a navigation system.

Also, this is what the window looks like when you start it up.

In this sample, the window information is not so good because it uses flash, but you may be able to make an interesting guidebook if you insert more text and pictures.

In addition, I can read kml, but I can’t read compressed version of kmz. Well, I can’t help it.

Also, the guided tour mode doesn’t seem to work. I don’t know if this is also inevitable. But I guess there are few users who want it that much.