iMac has come to our house ♪( ´▽▽)


iMac in my room 20110531-IMG_1598

I found myself becoming an apple believer, and my desktop PC finally became a Mac!

It is the iMac which changed the model just last month. I’ve been longing for a big display, so I decided to get a 27 inch type. I’ve been tweeting on Twitter that I was going to buy one…

The iMac and furniture arrived at 4pm, which was a surprise. I just got home 5 minutes ago, so as soon as I changed out of my suit, the doorbell rang (lol).

First, I assembled the furniture and then quickly set up the iMac.

iMac in my room 20110531-IMG_1601

It’s an all-in-one product, and that’s all there is to it.

iMac in my room 20110531-IMG_1608

I immediately turned on the switch and started. Because this iMac is the second Mac, there is the thing called « Migration Assistant » which can migrate the setting of MBP which I am using now as it is, and this can copy the user information and the environmental setting of MBP and the software which is installed furthermore exactly as it is via WiFi. It seems to be able to copy.

iMac in my room 20110531-IMG_1625

iMac in my room 20110531-IMG_1624

This is so convenient!

It took about 2 hours to migrate, so I took a little nap and had dinner before finally starting up my iMac. The settings are really the same as the MBP, and above all, the display is big and beautiful!

iMac in my room 20110531-IMG_1662

This becomes addicted already. However, because there is software which can be used only with Windows still more, I think that I will use Windows and Mac together for a while from now even if the frequency of use decreases.

Yes, the new additional IKEA furniture is the square shelf on the left side of the picture. I’m going to start packing various things and organizing the room.

iMac in my room 20110531-IMG_1657

This should clear up the room quite a bit. I think I’ll open a bottle of wine in the cellar as soon as it’s cleaned up a bit.