10. Hobby General

Yesterday’s events as well as the previous diary.

まさかの獺祭の会の次にいったのがここ!「HOOTERS TOKYO

The atmosphere is too different!

This unexpected turn of events came about at the suggestion of one of the women who was with us at the Ottersai party. No, no, it wasn’t my suggestion (laughs).

It was not far from the Ottersai venue, so everyone moved on foot.

We lined up for about 20 minutes, but the time passed quickly as we talked and talked.

It seems to be a collaboration with Kitty. It’s pretty cute.

So we went into the shop immediately.

The atmosphere in the restaurant was very bright and very clean.

And of course, « Hooters Girl » is alive and well!

When I first sat down to order, I was a bit nervous about what to do. Because there were so many things in front of me (laughs).

But you soon get used to it and start to enjoy it. Oh, it’s amazing what you get used to.

Sorry, I don’t have many pictures to meet your expectations (laughs)

And there’s a good reason for that.

Basically, it’s OK to take a photo with the so-called « Hooters girls », but it’s basically prohibited to publish it on the web. I heard that there is a good case if you get permission, but it seemed to be no good in principle.

It is apparently not allowed to take pictures that people can recognize.

Of course, sexual harassment is prohibited!

The food was very casual and American. Still, it was surprisingly delicious.

The price was also normal. « FRIED PICKLES » was pretty good.

But I’m still very impressed with the business of this restaurant. Like the height of the tables… (laughs)

Of course, there are many elements that make men happy, but the atmosphere is very open and clean, so it’s not weirdly sexy. We are conscious of cheerleaders, so everyone is healthy, athletic and lively.

Maybe that’s why there are so many women-only customers and families. It’s interesting that there are so many families here.

However, if you go with only women, they hardly talk to you or pose for you (laughs), so if you’re interested in women, you should invite men to go with you.

However, I’m not sure if this is the place to come on a date… The woman who recommended this place to me after the Ottersai party said that her boyfriend seemed to be in a very awkward mood.