Google Map API and Google Earth API

google earth

Google Earth APIを今日から本格的にスタート。そもそもAPIの知識はない。一応自分でホームページを作っているから、とっても基本的なhtml、JavaScriptの知識はある。

とりあえず、まずはGoogle Map APIの取得が必要。これはウェブサイトで簡単に手続きするだけで終了。

From Google’s official site, it says « you only need to add one line to Google Map API », so I thought it would be a shortcut to master the embedding of Google Map, which I have not tried yet, so I tried it.

At first, I couldn’t display even just one simple map on the web, but I started to understand it gradually, and finally I could display just a map.

But this is just a story of writing the code « directly by hand ». I need to be able to use MovableType to display Google Map. Actually, it seems to be complicated. If I look it up on the net, I might be able to figure it out, but it might take some time to understand it, and of course it might take some time to be able to use it. So I failed today…. I’d like to try it on the weekend.

In addition, Google Earth API, which is the original purpose, can not be displayed at all. I have no idea what to do. There is almost no Japanese explanation, so I have to look for the related page in English. It’s not impossible to read, but it’s a burden.

But it’s a very good lesson.