I started Google + (Field Trial). Is this the reason for the recent series of design changes?


Google Sensei is not very good at SNS, but now « Google + » has started yesterday.

Some users can participate by invitation, and they call it « Field Trial ».

I was invited by a friend of mine who also works in the web industry.

It seems to be able to do a lot of things, but the impression I got from using it is that it’s a social networking service that sells openness like Google, but it’s a copy of Facebook.

This is what the PC version looks like.

When Picasa is already used by the fact that it is Google, the album which has been uploaded there is taken in automatically.

The mobile and iPhone versions are used through Safari, and are designed in the same way as the various Apps that are already available.

Basically, it’s like Facebook. There is a concept called « Circle », which is like a group in Facebook or mixi.

You can post various videos, photos, and comments, but I think it’s a multifunctional feature that Facebook doesn’t have where you can specify the public range for each circle in detail.

Speaking of which, the PC version of the site has secretly changed its design since the end of last month. Perhaps it’s a series of events related to this Google +?

It’s still in the trial stage to begin with, but you can sense that they’ve at least thought things through based on their experience with the failures of Buzz and Wave.