Creating a foursquare list is actually the most effective way to communicate your current location #Kyoto Marathon

kyoto marathon 2013
kyoto marathon 2013

Finally, this weekend is Kyoto Marathon 2013.

Let’s talk about location information again. When I participated in the Tokyo Marathon, I received a comment from one of the supporters along the road that « foursquare was the easiest way to get information about my location.

So, of course, we will use foursquare again.

And I’ve created a « list » to facilitate that check-in.


In the latter half of the race, from 30km onwards, there are a lot of places that are a bit maniacal because they are in the area where I lived when I was at university. There are many places (laugh)

I’m going to use this list to check in while I’m running, and I’m going to use it proactively.