foursquare just got a major upgrade!


I’m a travel enthusiast by nature, but foursquare, a location-based social networking service that is used relatively frequently on the iPhone, is becoming more and more well-known.

Oh, by the way, they just announced yesterday that they’ve exceeded 10 million users.

Wow! The foursquare community has over 10,000,000 members! | Foursquare Blog

I was surprised to see that the interface had changed when I opened it again in the evening.

Is it forusquare v3.2? When this screen suddenly opened, I thought, « Oops. I thought, « This is a big change.

The only thing that changed at first glance was…

  1. 上段の項目に「-km」なる箇所が追加
  2. 上段の項目で「推奨」と「流行」という2つの項目が選択できるようになっている
  3. 検索ウィンドウ真下に「スペシャル」、「食品」、「コーヒー」なる項目が選択できる段が登場し左右にスライドできる
  4. 下の項目(ボタン)が日本語になっている
  5. 下の項目新たに「検索」という項目が増えた

That’s quite a change! Obviously, « search » has been enhanced quite a bit this time around.

For example, « -km » is added to the upper item », if you press here, you will see this screen.

If you use this effectively, you will be able to find the venues with pinpoint accuracy.

You can toggle between « recommended » and « trendy. »

I’m guessing « recommended » won’t be much different than before, and « trending » will probably show up when lots of people check in.

« You can select « Special », « Food », or « Coffee » right below the search window, which is obviously designed to help you find a store. For example, if you select « Food », you can narrow down your search by selecting the food genre!

I couldn’t find any results in the example below, but this is how you can narrow down your search.

There were also some changes to the traditional check-in interface.

It’s easier to read, and the background color of the check-in list has been changed, but the biggest improvement is that you can select « post to twitter » or « post to facebook » each time. This is handy!

This is a very big change for foursquare, and I’m very happy to see it enhanced, because I found it very useful when I traveled to France. If users make more effective use of Tip, it can form a great word-of-mouth site. Well, the word-of-mouth site can be linked with other leading sites.

I have a feeling that foursquare, which has always had a strong gaming feel to it, will evolve into a more real-world information tool. I’m starting to look forward to it more and more.