forecast Isn’t it useless to check in automatically? -2012 France and Spain Preparation No.10

2012 Spain pre


I plan to use foursquare a lot this time too. I thought it would be easier to check in with foursquare, so I installed this.

This app, linked to foursquare, is a pre-made « go here = check in here ».

In the recent update, it is said that it will do « automatic check-in » when you pre-register and approach the place. But when I tried it in the morning, it didn’t respond at all….

I thought I could use it for travel, but it looks like a no go. I guess you have to get pretty close to the venu to do it… I might have to get checked in when I’m at least 100m away to be able to use it.

I’m still going to use foursquare’s ToDo.