Château de Vianden, old castle in Luxembourg – 2011 France – France

2011 France

Château de Vianden 20110501-IMG_0480

Date of visit: May 1, 2011, around 4:00 p.m.

I’ll be continuing my travelogue for a little while longer, except for the beautiful villages. After France, we are now in Luxembourg. Our lodging for the day is in a small town called Clerveaux in the Ardennes region on the Luxembourg side.

On the way to Clerveaux from Schengen, there is a very beautiful castle, which is not so well known in Japan.

It’s called « Château de Vianden ». The castle is located in a small town about one hour north of Luxembourg City.

Just to the right is already Germany, isn’t it?

We got off the highway that had been running until halfway and drove smoothly through the mountains, although we took a few wrong turns. As soon as I came to the place where it opened up a little bit, the castle suddenly appeared in front of me in this way.

Cha?teau de Vianden 20110501-IMG_0441

It’s quite powerful.

Well, it was the first day of May and there were many tourists in this small town. It was hard to find a parking lot…

Cha?teau de Vianden 20110501-IMG_0497

When I was wandering around the city at random, I got out and had to go to the city again. But on the way, I found a great shooting point.

Château de Vianden 20110501-IMG_0526

Cha?teau de Vianden 20110501-IMG_0512

We circled around the city. Finally, we found an open space near the castle.

Cha?teau de Vianden 20110501-IMG_0542

It was already past 16 hemorrhoids, but we were able to enter the castle just in time. When you come close, you can feel the power even more.

Cha?teau de Vianden 20110501-IMG_0547

The view from the castle.

Cha?teau de Vianden 20110501-IMG_0554

Well, the inside of the castle was not that interesting to be honest, because it looked like a typical European castle exhibition (lol).

So we had to rush to see the castle because of the time. Even so, I was very happy to see such a powerful and beautiful castle, because it is rare to see.