Brasserie VIRON – Classic French cuisine at its best

10. Hobby General
10. Hobby General

It was so much more chunky than I expected, « classic style! »

I went there on a friend’s recommendation.

以前オケ仲間からとても勧められていた渋谷東急本店前にある[highlight]ブラッスリー ヴィロン (Brasserie VIRON)[/highlight]に、先日夫婦で行ってきました。このお店はブラッスリー(パン屋さん)としてとても有名ですが、2Fにブラッスリー(レストラン)もあり、美味しいフレンチはもちろんのこと、その人気のパンもいただけるとのこと。


I decided to visit last Friday when it was convenient for me.

Classic French style

They have a classic brasserie cuisine here.

Our philosophy is « France in Tokyo », embodying the idea of communicating authentic taste, service and space, and competing not on price but on quality. What we want to convey is not only the delicious bread and food, but also the authentic French world view. (From the website)

However, having traveled in the French provinces, I have recently come to believe that more classic, common, and in a good sense, rustic French cuisine is what France is all about. So the concept of this restaurant seems to fit what I am looking for in a French restaurant.

The brasserie opens at 7pm and we had a reservation for 7pm. We arrived a few minutes before, so we waited in front of the stairs to go upstairs, and one minute before the opening, a waitress came and showed us to the second floor.


We were the first to arrive, but within five minutes, several groups of customers had entered the restaurant. It’s Friday night, but I don’t have a feeling that it will be so crowded yet. I think there are many seats. Because the location is preeminent, customers seem to come in.

Now, the menu, the standard menu is written on the blackboards throughout the restaurant. It certainly has a good selection of classic style dishes (especially on the right side of this blackboard).

The waitress will bring a separate blackboard to each seat and carefully explain each recommendation for the day.

They all look so good!

By the way, the price is just my opinion, but I had the impression that it was a little higher than the average price of brasseries with this style of cuisine. I wonder if this is due to the location.

All of the dishes we ordered had really good ingredients!

It had been a long time since we had eaten French food and we were very hungry, so we ordered two starters and one main course.





We were quite full, but we also had dessert. We shared this one with a couple. We chose the chocolate parfait.


The wine was Cahors, rich but sophisticated.

I forgot to take a picture of the list, but from the looks of it, it’s mainly orthodox French wines. Prices start from 6,000 yen. The price is from 6,000 yen. The top price might be a bit expensive, but if it’s 10,000 yen to 15,000 yen class, it’s relatively expensive in this list. Because of the concept of the restaurant, most of the dishes are probably from France, so I think it’s safe to say that the lineup is a bit higher than Italian restaurants. It is common in French restaurants.

Our choice was Malbec of Cahors. The price was about 7,000 yen. I forgot to take a picture of the etiquette….

I chose this Cahors because I wanted something full-bodied, sweet and robust for meat dishes, and it was rich but refined and very tasty.

By the way, what about bread?

As it was dinner, the only thing we got was a baguette. I thought it was very tasty, but I’ve probably had better food during my travels in France, so I wasn’t particularly surprised. I would like to take my time to enjoy the brasserie separately.


My overall impression of the meal was that the work was very meticulous and of a high standard, and that they used a lot of good ingredients. The food was classical, orthodox and crude, but served with care and sincerity. However, perhaps because of the location or the carefully selected ingredients, I feel that the price is a little high among bistros and brasseries of this class.

In any case, it is definitely a restaurant that I would like to revisit if I have the chance. On that occasion, I would like to try the fish dishes as well.

As for the bread, I would like to visit the brasserie separately to taste it.