Entering my eighth year of blogging. About three times as much in about three years.


It’s been seven years since I started blogging, and this April marks my eighth year.

About three times as much, in about three years.

I’ve come this far while changing various formats and services, but since 2009 I’ve been using WordPress, and I think my style of operation has become almost solidified over the past three years.

Also, the number of accesses has increased compared to the past due to the increase of new interactions through SNS such as twitter.

Of course, it’s just a personal blog where I write what comes to my mind, so it’s not a site that will get a lot of traffic, and it’s not my main purpose to begin with.

But still, it’s true that we get a little greedy.


In terms of page views, about 3x is roughly 50,000 page views per month.

In addition, if it is the number of RSS registration (Google Reader), it becomes about 100.

After that, in terms of affiliate income, it will be enough money to be able to handle 1 or 2 drinking parties every month.


However, it goes without saying that this is a personal diary where I write whatever comes to mind, so there’s no problem if I can’t achieve such a large goal.

The important thing is to be able to continue in this style for the eighth year in the same relaxed way as before.