10. Hobby General

言わずと知れたあの超高級ブランド、銀座にある「アルマーニ銀座タワー」の10Fにある「ARMANI / RISTORANTE」で、毎度おなじみのメンバーと一緒にお食事をしていきました。

I was a little hesitant to enter because the atmosphere was so gorgeous.

To get to the restaurant, you have to take the elevator at the back of the first floor, so you have to go through the restaurant whether you want to or not.

Now, a restaurant with this kind of atmosphere, even if it’s just for the sake of it, I’m worried about the budget, but actually, on this day

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We chose a limited time course called the « Half Bottle Wine Course ». In other words, it’s a « 7,500 yen per person and a half bottle of wine included » course!

Of course, it’s not a cheap price, but if you think about it, you could say it’s very reasonable.

The meal is a full course Italian meal.

Following the appetizer was pasta. Carbonara with albacore, which was also delicious.

This is the main dish of the day. I thought it would be light, but it has a solid taste. The quality of the taste is excellent.

The pre-dolce and then the dolce were delicious.

It was seafood, so overall it was very light and healthy, but it was more filling than it looked.