Day 6: From Turin to France again Antibes, Picasso Museum -2012 France and Spain Real Time Edition No.8

2011 France realtime


Here’s an update from two days ago, making it day six.

First of all, we went sightseeing in Turin. However, we strolled a little around the square in front of the Royal Palace, which is also recognized as a World Heritage Site in the city. After that, we visited a place in the northeast of the city that looked like a villa of the Savoia family. (I’ll check the name after I return home.)



It’s like a detached palace, but to be honest, I thought it didn’t look like much, but nevertheless, this one was wonderfully beautiful.

No, among the many palaces, this corridor and the cathedral were particularly beautiful. I’m sorry to say it’s not much.

After that, I missed France and went to Cote d’Azur by a long drive of about 300km at once. The purpose was the Picasso Museum in Antibes, which I couldn’t enter because it was the closing day when I visited here 6 years ago.

Finally, after 6 years, I got my wish. There are many Picasso museums and all of them are wonderful, but this museum is more impressive because it has a lot of ceramics and many works of the last years after the war.


I didn’t realize that Antibes was such a beautiful city 6 years ago. So we decided to stay here on this day.



The hotels in the city are a bit expensive, aren’t they? It’s the Côte d’Azur, so it can’t be helped. The first hotel I jumped into was full because there were few, but the next place I looked at was free.

The hotel has a very nice atmosphere, it was very comfortable. I might come back again. But the internet…. There is a free WiFi, but the speed is slow and they seem to be limiting it.


And a pity. MiFi, which has been out of service, they said that the communication was blocked due to excessive usage. It’s the same use as usual, but nowadays the limitation is getting more severe with the increase of smart phones and the increase of communication volume. It’s a pity, but it can’t be helped.

However, it is an event that makes me think about the future use of our service.