21.6km Run at Hakone Ekiden District 1 for Kyoto Marathon 2013

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09. Sportskyoto marathon 2013

I’ve been training long distance for the marathon today as I did last week.


We chose this course.


As you may know, this is the course of the first section of the Hakone Ekiden.

I hadn’t run it yet, hadn’t I?

Running in a big city, different from last week’s Shonan. I’ve run the Tokyo Marathon in this area before, and I usually run by car, so I had a good sense of geography and distance, and was able to run with a relatively relaxed feeling.

Let’s start with Marunouchi to Hibiya.

At this point I’m 2km from Nihonbashi; last week it was something like 80km.

Shiba Park and Zojoji Temple are familiar sights that I have run the Tokyo Marathon in the past.

Great weather again this week! First of all, we are going to Shinagawa smoothly. We’re in good shape.

In front of Shinagawa station, it was indeed too crowded and too small to run, but it was a good break.

You will pass through Shinagawa and go to Kamata. Around Samezu is 10km from Nihonbashi.

And we arrived at Kamata smoothly.

I’m just amazed at the transformation of the Keikyu Kamata area…. As a car rider, I’m just amazed that it’s finally happening.

Although I was getting tired from this point on, I still seemed to be able to fly well thanks to last week’s training.

Finally, we reached Rokugo Bridge, the Sakai between Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture.

It is about 3km from here to Tsurumi of the goal, and I raised the pace feeling at the end.

After 1:00 p.m., we arrive at the Hakone Ekiden Tsurumi relay station, where we will finish the race.

Fans are familiar with this statue.

This scene is familiar on TV.

On the way back to Tsurumi market station, we had ramen noodles to fill our stomachs. I went back to my house by train.


I immediately came home and loaded it into Google Earth to check the route.

For example, I notice now that there is a function called « Edit » > « Show Advanced Profile ».

This will give you the exact distance and time.

  • 走行距離:21.6km
  • 走行時間:2時間43分54秒

I forgot to stop Ima Kokoro Now when I got to Tsurumi, so my actual time might be about 3 minutes shorter.

I think this time is not so bad with some breaks, waiting at traffic lights and crossing by pedestrian bridge. I also took a lot of photos.

When I start running, it’s roughly 9km to 10km per hour, as I imagined, but considering the time limit in Kyoto, I might need to work a bit harder.

By the way, iPhone and Google Earth are very convenient….