July 2016 – France « Impressionism and Gourmet Travel » Chapters 1-14: Impressionist Festival in Honfleur, Boudin Museum

July 2016 France "Impressionism and the journey of gourmet"
July 2016 France "Impressionism and the journey of gourmet"

Visit date: July 17, 2016, just after 2:00 p.m.

It was full of life, but I couldn’t tell you what it was like because I didn’t take any pictures…

Visit the museum in Boudin’s birthplace

On Fleur, the main topic at last? After the delicious lunch, we had some time before the museum hall, so we took a walk around the old port. I wanted to take a walk slowly, but it was too crowded to do so. This is the only place to see in Honfleur, but it’s so popular.

It was a good way to sober up. Then we finally went to the museum. When we arrived at the museum, it had just opened after the lunch break. We got a pamphlet and started to see the works. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures inside.

The museum’s website

Impressionist Festival website:.

First of all, there was the permanent exhibition, which, as the name of the museum suggests, was mainly about Boudin, but also about Monet, Courbet and other painters who represented the Normandy region in the 19th century.

The main theme of this year’s Normandy Impressionist Festival is « Portraits » (I just found out about it now!). Portraits of the 18th century were characterized by the use of landscapes and children in their paintings, rather than only a single figure as in the past. This trend also influenced the artists from Normandy. This trend seems to have been the opposite of that of Edouard Manet.

For this special exhibition, the museum received free paintings from Musee d’Orsay and Musee de Lille. The number of exhibited works is about 80, and some works of famous impressionist painters, such as Millet and Renoir, are also exhibited.

It was a very satisfying exhibition, but unfortunately photography was not allowed, but I found a blog with a slide show of the exhibition photos on the official website, so if you are interested, please check it out here.

We stayed in Honfleur more slowly than we expected, but we still continued our tour of the Impressionist Festival for the day. We will go to Paris gradually. (To be continued)