Day 3 Part 5: The day of the Medoc Marathon The famous Chateau section with that first class Chateau – 2014 Medoc Marathon Diary No.8

Medoc Marathon 2014
Medoc Marathon 2014Medoc marathon and North French trip in September 2014running

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Date and time: around noon on September 13, 2014

It’s still the first half of the race, and it’s a long one, but that’s how much fun it is. This time, we will introduce the main châteaux of the 15km to 21km section.

This section is the highlight of the first half of the tour where you will find many famous chateaux. There is a wide range of rated châteaux.

14.7km Château COS D’ESTOURNEL (St-Estephe, 2nd class)



Cos d’Estournel is impressive with its very luxurious and beautiful gate as you can see.

But I didn’t get any wine.

Many runners stopped to take photos because it was a perfect photo shooting spot.

(Later: I bought it locally afterwards and drank it at home. It was delicious!

15.5km Château LAFITE-ROTHSCHILD(Pauillac,1st class)



Now comes the most important feeder wine of the competition, the world-famous Chateau representing the wines of Bordeaux and Médoc.

A vast estate, a vast garden. You can see the chateau itself in the distance. It’s amazing that the Medoc Marathon is held on the same grounds.

I couldn’t get a good shot of the chateau (mansion?) from inside the property. I couldn’t get a good shot of the chateau…

And finally, the wine tasting. We had to break through the crowd of people to get a glass of wine that we borrowed around the 11km mark, and now it was time to taste it!


It’s amazing what a first class chateau can do. I can’t believe such a delicious wine exists. And why on earth is it that the taste is so impressive even when drunk under such circumstances…?


17.2km Château MOUTON-ROTHSCHILD (Pauillac, 1st growth)



I don’t think there was any wine served here. Too bad. There were aides.

18.5km Château PONTET-CANET (Pauillac, class 5)



This is also a place where there were no supply wines. It was a pity because I really liked Pontet Canet Chateau. The road around here was very difficult to drive.

21.0km Château GRAND-PUY-LACOSTE (Pauillac, Grade 5)



This is the first wine point since Lafite, and I don’t remember any particular wine point for about 6km. However, we seemed to have drunk a little too much in the first half of the race, and it became quite difficult from around here. Even though it’s getting hot, I’m worried because I’m sweating too much…

Now, Grand-Puy Lacoste is a small but very nice chateau that left a great impression on me.

In terms of the design of the building, it is one of my favorite châteaux in this course.

The last 100m to the chateau was a bit tough, as it was on a small hill. I guessed it was the effect of drinking too much…

The wine, I think, was very good. However, I started to get tired around here, so I couldn’t afford to taste the wine carefully.

Arrived at the halfway point, will we be able to reach the goal within the time limit?

And here at Grand Puy Lacoste was almost the halfway point of the marathon. To be honest, the situation was quite difficult, and I was more than 40 minutes behind the original schedule. It was going to be tough to finish within the time limit.

But there were a lot of people around me, and from what I could see, they didn’t care about the time limit and were just enjoying the moment. Encouraged by the sight of these people, I started to run towards the remaining 21km.