2012 Year in Review: Blog Statistical Data Edition



First of all, the first edition of the blog statistical data


Access Analysis Summary

This is an analysis by Google Analytics. Compared to last year.

  • 数量的項目が大きく増加(訪問数:+33,863、ユーザー数:+10,506、ページビュー数:+44,313)
  • 訪問別ページビューが減少(2011年:2.21 ⇒ 2012年:1.87
  • 平均サイト滞在時間はほぼ変わらず(2011年:01:19 ⇒ 2012年:01:18
  • 直帰率は増加(2011年:71.03% ⇒ 2012年:78.39%
  • 新規訪問の割合は大きく増加(2011年:82.67% ⇒ 2012円:62.41%

The statistics corresponding to the so-called « number of accesses » have increased. I want to be honestly happy about this.

However, the data that I think is the best is the « increase in the percentage of new visits », in other words, the number of repeat visitors has increased. This may be due to the increase in Facebook and Twitter interaction since last year.

I think the good thing about my blog is that I can continue to receive constant access from my « friends ». The existence of so-called « blog friends » is very encouraging.

Changes in Number of Page Views and Ranking of Number of Page Views by Contents

In terms of page views, they remained above 600 per day from January to April, and then declined slightly due to the frequency of updates and themes.

Last year, there were a lot of gadgets and Apple-related posts, and this year, there were a lot of travel-related diaries. The number of accesses to travel-related posts is on a downward trend, but the time spent on them or the number of page views per visit seems to be continuing to increase.

The number of accesses by page title is almost the same as last year. After all, the top rank tends to be related to the number of hits by search words.

In addition, the page related to « The Most Beautiful Villages in France », which has a rare value, was still in the top of the access number this year. I’m very happy to see that this is now one of the most popular topics on this blog.


Due to the increase in traffic at the beginning of the year, the number of visitors and page views was higher than last year. In addition, we saw an increase in the number of repeat visitors.