Avignon for the second time – 2011 France Autumn -.

2011 France fall

Avignon 20111011-IMG_2761

Date of visit: October 11, 2011, around 3:00 p.m.

This day is a classic Provence tour. After Arles, we went to Avignon. I guess this town is bigger than Arles.

This is the first time for my parents after Arles. This is my second time in the city itself, but I used to drive by the city last year.

This is also one of the oldest towns in Provence and is a World Heritage Site. If you have studied world history, you will know that the Papal Palace was located here at one time, and if you like paintings, you may know Picasso.

And, as my mother said, it’s a city that left an impression on her with the song « On the Bridge of Avignon ».

Of course, the highlight is the papal ruins. But the sky is so blue that it’s amazingly beautiful, isn’t it? It was such a beautiful day.

Avignon 20111011-IMG_2767

Avignon 20111011-IMG_2771

When I went inside, I found that it was quite large and splendid, though it was full of hollows and there was not much worth seeing.

Avignon 20111011-IMG_2775

Avignon 20111011-IMG_2792

でもいんです。歴史のロマンが感じられれば(笑) ただ「アヴィニョン捕囚」っていまいちよく理解してないや…。

If you go further inside, you can go to the roof. The view of the city and surrounding area from the observatory here was very beautiful.

Avignon 20111011-IMG_2801

Avignon 20111011-IMG_2807

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