Going down the silver road -2012 France and Spain Real Time Edition No.18

2012 Spain Realtime


There are only two days left.

We arrived in Santiago de Compostela a day earlier than planned, so we decided to move on and follow the « silver road » from the north.

However, it is indeed impossible to reach Seville, so

Oviedo(World heritage)


Salamanca(World heritage)

I decided to visit these three cities. By the way, I visited some cities in the south in the autumn of 2008. I took a hotel in Salamanca.

The only place where the weather really wasn’t good was Santiago de Compostela….

Oviedo, too.



And Leon.



And Salamanca.



All the towns are very nice and you can take pictures like postcards just by pressing the shutter button without thinking anything.

Of all of them, I think Leon was the best. This is also a city on the pilgrimage route, isn’t it? The bank designed by Gaudi was also very nice.



Perhaps this day was the longest drive since the beginning of this trip.


This route means that I drove 698km. The reason why the distance is so much is because I drove mostly on the highway. But in reality, we took some wrong roads, so it was probably more than 700km.

Also, this 700km drive was harder than expected.

The road from Santiago de Compostela to Oviedo is quite a winding road. From Oviedo to Leon, the road goes over a pass at about 1,400m above sea level. And from Leon to Salamanca, the road was flat, but it was very windy and we had to hold the steering wheel tightly.

Because of this, I was quite tired and slept well last night.