Breaking news: Kyoto Marathon 2013 successfully completed, thank you for your support! #KyotoMarathon

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09. Sportskyoto marathon 2013

Despite the rain and strong winds, I was able to finish the Kyoto Marathon 2013!

The strong wind along the Kamo River was particularly unbearable, but I actually thought it was better than the heat. It was hard, though…

Now the times, while not yet official, were as follows, according to Runner’s Update.

My net time of 5 hours 39 minutes 33 seconds is my best time in my last three full marathons. It’s still a weak time, but I’m happy with this one.

I was under pressure because the time limit for the Kyoto Marathon is one hour less than the Tokyo Marathon, but I think I was able to run as I had originally planned, thanks to my past experience and the various practices I have done so far.

By the way, this is what it looked like in runkeeper.

According to runkeeper, the time was 5:42:49, which seems about right because I stopped too late, but on the other hand, the distance was 44.42km because I couldn’t necessarily run straight.

By the way, 3,362 kcal (it says « calories » but it’s probably kiloCalories) is still amazing (lol).

So, it’s been a marathon of tweets and facebook as usual, but I’ve been very encouraged by the replies and likes I’ve received from everyone.

I still don’t think I could run this distance without it. Thank you so much for your support!