My luggage is almost ready. I’ll be lighter than usual this time – 2012 France and Spain Preparation No.9

2012 Spain pre

Now, it’s still more than a week away, but as I mentioned earlier, it’s only this weekend that I’ll be ready, so I prepared my luggage.

Because it’s an annual event, the list of things to bring and various notes are written down in Evernote perfectly like this.

So, it won’t take that long.

This year, the « car camera stand » has become very compact, and I think it has become much lighter.

車載カメラマウント新調しました | my lifelog

(続)車載カメラマウント新調しました | my lifelog

The only other thing I have left is to print out « paper » notes for various reservations such as itineraries, airline tickets, hotels, etc. Even though most of them are electronic, it’s important to be able to handle them in case of failure.