For me, tumblr could be dedicated to « Pin » texts and sentences that I like.



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I don’t use it that often, but I like it a lot because it has very simple and cool designs to choose from.


EnCitii Times: 世界を変えるかもしれないWebサービス ? Tumblr

At the moment, I’m using it to quote articles that I like.



tumblr is different from simply web clipping your favorite words or websites.

« My favorite post (quote). »

Hiroshi Ohkuri’s Blog « Oath of Honor

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From the Greeting from the Director of the Institute for Basic Physics, April 2003

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Buddhism – Wikipedia

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Now, this tumblr, among social media sites, actually has a surprisingly long stay time.

Source: via WSJ on Pinterest

I think it’s interesting that it’s the same length of stay as Pinterest, although facebook is certainly dominant.

With twiter or facebook, it would be buried in the timeline. But with tumblr, I thought it would be easier to stay in the « cioch ».

Although Facebook has a timeline nowadays, so it’s not buried yet, it’s still likely to be forgotten with time.