Arriving at the holy city of Santiago de Compostela… -2012 France and Spain Real Time Edition No.17

2012 Spain Realtime


Finally, we arrive at our final destination, the sacred city of Santiago de Compostela!

We worked pretty hard the day before, so we had a very relaxed schedule on this day and were able to head to the Holy Land.

Visited towns along several pilgrimage routes.




On the way, we left the route once and went to a town called « Lugo ». The Roman walls surrounding the old town are recognized as a World Heritage Site.



So, we arrived at Santiago de Compostela at 5:00 pm. Even though the schedule was relatively easy this day, I was so tired that I slept for about two hours after checking in the hotel.

But it was still light outside. We went to the cathedral immediately.


It’s wonderfully moving, but I’m not excited about it.

Because it had been a beautiful day until a few minutes ago, but it became a little cloudy when we got here, and more than anything, we had to take the wrong road and the wrong entrance to the parking lot to get here, so we were kind of annoyed because of a series of minor problems.

Well, the night view was wonderful and the beer we drank at the bar was delicious, so it was OK.


So, what’s today?