The 10th National Sweets Marathon in Chiba, Part 4 (Final): Chinese, not Sweets

09. Sportsrunning


The launch. I was sweating so much in the beautiful weather that I wanted something salty!

We took the JR Sobu Line rapid train to Kinshicho and decided to go to a Chinese restaurant called « An An ».

安安 (錦糸町/中華料理)
★★★☆☆3.35 ■予算(夜):~¥999

We only had sweets for lunch and everyone seemed to be hungry. They ate a lot (laughs).

By the way, this place is cheap, hearty, and above all, delicious. A good choice.

It wasn’t a sweet treat at the end, but it was a very worthwhile day.

I enjoyed this event more than I expected. And I realized how much fun it is to run a relay marathon, so I’d like to get some members together for the next one!