The 10th National Sweets Marathon in Chiba Part 3: The race is about to start!

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Oops, I know it’s been a while, but I have to write.

(what’s going on so far)

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The race consisted of 21 laps of a 2km course + 195m per lap.

I will be the first runner of the race. The first runner has to run 2.195km, which is the first lap plus 195m left in the middle.

It was my first run in a long time and a little more than everyone else’s, 2.195km, so I headed to the start line feeling a little anxious.

There were a lot of participants and the road to the starting point was crowded.

Then, at exactly 12:00, the gun sounded and it was time to start!

This is what the starting point looked like. (I was running, so I’ll use the member’s photo.)

Review the course layout here.

The first runners start at the back of the 195m min relay zone. So the first kilometer or so is run in a straight line along the beach.

However, you can’t see much of the ocean until the first corner because of the sand forest. But as you approach the first corner, the ocean is right in front of you!

But it was a beautiful day, and it was hot! And because we were the first runners, everyone’s pace was fast!

I was pretty exhausted by the time I saw the ocean (laughs).

Well, I still managed to get to the aid station somehow.

But on the first run, I honestly didn’t have time to refuel. I was still worried about the 4 hour and 30 minute time limit and I couldn’t drag my feet.

I was already exhausted, so I decided to move on after a few baked goods.

As a result, I finished the 2.195km in just over 11 minutes, thanks to my hard work! I was a little surprised at the time, which exceeded my expectations.

After passing the baton to the next runner, they enjoyed sweets at booths and watching the ocean.

This freshly baked melon bread was delicious!

And a certificate of participation, naturally, sweets! We got waffles!

Just as I was enjoying the sea and the sweets, my second run arrived.

Fortunately, everyone’s time in the first race was much faster than our goal, so we had almost 30 minutes of savings, which gave us more time to run than in the first race.

So I’ll have to indulge in some Aid Station Sweets this time!

But still, it’s hard to eat sweets while running (laughs), so I put some of them in my pocket and took them home…

From this year’s Chiba event, a « vinegar point » was introduced, which was quite tasty. But I still want to drink water! By the way, there is a water station right behind this one, so don’t worry.

This is how my second run ended, and although it wasn’t as pleasant as the first, I think I enjoyed the sweets marathon more than the first.

After that, everyone continued to run at a brisk pace and ended up finishing in 3:54:54, well over the time limit!


And you get a nice certificate of completion on the spot!

By the way, the tweets of the members during the run are summarized here. Please take a look if you like.

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