Current Location Page – Kyoto Marathon 2013 Live!

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The Kyoto Marathon is only 5 days away.

I made a « Current Location Information Transmission Page » as you know every time.

Kyoto Marathon 2013 Live! | my lifelog
今ココなう! - Kyoto Marathon 2013 ブラウザーで見る Instagram - Kyoto... Read more »

I think I’ll bring it to the top page on the day.

It is the information transmission, and it uses this basic set that is familiar every time.

  1. 今ココなう!(Google Mapによるリアルタイム発信、twitterと連動)
  2. foursquare(毎度おなじみ位置情報SNS、twitterと連動)

I also plan to use Instagram to post photos, so I embedded a widget as appropriate.

It’s also responsive, in case you were wondering.

However, the time limit for the Kyoto Marathon is one hour shorter than that of the Tokyo Marathon, so it remains to be seen how much leeway I will be able to provide.