I paid the fine via internet safely! I got a traffic ticket at Spain Part 2 -2012 France and Spain

2012 Spain and FranceEuropean traffic violation


交通違反しちゃった at スペイン その1-2012 France and Spain | my lifelog yuu-koma.jp http://www.yuu-koma.jp/?p=8455

Thanks to the full cooperation of my orchestra friend, who is fluent in Spanish, I was able to successfully complete the payment of my fine via the internet!

We would like to record the method here for your future reference.


Dirección General de Tráfico http://www.dgt.es/portal/


Please follow the steps below.






When you get to this point, you should see the following screen in another tab or window.

From here, you have to enter the information on the letter sent from Spain, which can be a bit tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing.

まず、「Document Type」「Document Number」

I imagine it’s a place to enter some kind of ID. Of course, I don’t have Spanish or EU citizenship, so in the drop list for Document Type, it says

I chose « PASPORT », as in

So, in the next « Document Number » field, I naturally entered my passport number.

The name part probably needs no special explanation. Please put your own name.

« Date of the report (DD/MM/YY) », this is the date of the breach.

そして「Record Number」

Here I entered the numbers from this section in the top right corner of the example letter that was sent to me.

Enter the amount of the penalty fee in the « Total Amount » section at the bottom.

When you have finished entering everything, press « Continue » to continue.

If there are no problems entering the information, you should proceed to a screen like this.


At the bottom of the same screen, there is a place to enter your credit card number. I see, this is how you can pay by credit card.

After entering your card information, press « Confirm Payment » to complete the procedure!

It looks like he was able to pay the fine safely now. Good, good, good.

I realized that it is really convenient to pay fines online.