Finished Tokyo Marathon 2011! No.3 About tweaking #tokyomarathon

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Yesterday, I wrote about live coverage of the Tokyo Marathon on Twitter, which I had used when I ran the previous marathon, but this was the first time I had broadcast real-time video online. Two years ago, there was no tweakath or even an iPhone app for Ustream.

It’s been two years since then, and my iPhone has evolved so much that I’m finally able to stream video while running, which is what I’ve been looking forward to the most.

As some of you know, Twicas is an application that allows you to stream real-time video very easily on your iPhone.

Ustream is also famous, but I’m worried about the time lag and the stability of the app itself. What’s even better about Twicas is that you can see replies to you on the app during the broadcast. You can tweet during the broadcast, but you can also reply with your voice during the broadcast.

This is why I decided to use Twicas, which is easy to use, stable, and more interactive, for real-time video streaming.

The response to this video distribution was much greater than we expected. In particular, we received a lot of comments such as « I don’t know how to watch it on TV », « I don’t feel close to it », « TV’s point of view is inevitably objective, but the runner’s individual point of view is very fresh and interesting », and « I feel closer to it ».

We are very grateful for this feedback.

Thanks to the fact that we were able to broadcast in detail, we were able to leave behind many archives that will be remembered for a lifetime.

yuukomaさんのライブ履歴 – TwitCasting

Live History - KOMATA.Y (@yuukoma) - TwitCasting

I’ll be uploading these videos to YouTube as needed to keep track of them. (To do so, you’ll need to download the mp4 file from the tweak server and then upload it to YouTube.

By the way, it was a private tweak.

  • 合計配信数 29回
  • 合計配信時間 約101分
  • 延べ視聴者数 1,545人
  • 最大瞬間視聴者数 73人

This is the first time we have done this. We can see from the numbers how big the response was. Of course, I was able to enjoy the show more than I expected.

I’m so happy to have so much attention and support. I would like to thank you again.

But also a disappointment.

When I was broadcasting in Shinjuku before the start of the race in the morning, I received a reply from someone who was watching me, « Are you a tweaker? I received a reply from someone who was watching. What, there was such a thing? When I googled it later, I found this project!

東京マラソン × ツイキャス – TwitCasting

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Facebookページもあるし…。しかも「東京マラソン2011 ツイキャス」で検索すると僕のブログの方が検索上位にくるではないか!

I was careless about this. I should have signed up for it…. This is my biggest regret. I did a lot of research beforehand and thought I was well prepared, but I have so many regrettable memories.