The mainland No.8 World Heritage: Archaeological Sites in Olympia Part 2 -2012 Greece No.24

2012 Greece
2012 Greece

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What I think is good about coming to Greece is that the archaeological sites and the museums are relatively close to each other, and you can enjoy the museums with the archaeological sites.

You can go to the museum first to gain knowledge, or you can go to the museum after the ruins to enhance your imagination about the ruins.

Both have their own merits.

The archaeological sites of Olympia are no less fascinating. In addition, the scale and quality of the ruins and the exhibits in the adjacent museum are the best in Greece.

The museum at Olympia is about a minute or two away from the ruins.

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A very beautiful modern building. The building itself is not so big, but the number and quality of the exhibits were outstanding.

The main attraction of the museum is the hall in front of the entrance. There are beautiful marble sculptures on both sides.

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As you may have noticed, the center is the highest and almost symmetrical, dropping diagonally to both sides, forming a roof-like formation.

It’s called « The Two Gables of the Temple of Zeus ».

It was decorated in the temple of Zeusi, which was the largest among the ruins we have just seen. It is frightening just to imagine how much this exceptional work of art is worth today.

Greek sculptures can be seen in many museums such as the British Museum and the Louvre, but compared to the ones I saw in the museum near the ruins, I felt that the sense of reality and power were totally different.

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I’ve seen many Greek sculptures in my life, but the ones I’ve seen here are probably the most impressive.

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