World Heritage No.7: Archaeological Sites in Olympia Part 1 -2012 Greece No.23

2012 Greece
2012 Greece

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Now, the last day in Greece. After the long drive the day before, I stayed here in Olympia for the night and went to the archaeological site of Olympia first thing in the morning.

The ruins are about a five-minute walk from the city of Olympia. In the first place, the city of Olympia itself is very small.

Buy an admission ticket at the entrance and go to the ruins.

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Olympia is so famous as the birthplace of the Olympic Games. Of course, it’s a story and ruins from BC, but the Olympic torch is still added here today.

From the scale of the ruins, it is easy to imagine how civilization developed in those days.

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There are also reviews of these sites in some places, so if you know English, you don’t need a guide.

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This is the Temple of Hera, and this is where the lighting of the torch is said to take place.

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Beyond the Temple of Hera is the stadium. As you pass through this gate.

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The stadium appears in front of you.

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It’s quite spacious.

It was like a perfect day for exercise, wasn’t it?

Through the gate again.

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Next we came to the ruins of the Temple of Zeus. Big!

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As you can see from this plate, it looks like it was quite large. It is indeed the highest god of Greek mythology.

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You will be amazed at the power of the pillars scattered all over the place.

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I really feel that the ruins of Greece have an atmosphere and power not found in Rome.

To the south of the temple are the council hall and the remains of the athletes’ lodgings.

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This is the Gymnasium, the gymnastic training ground. It is the closest to the entrance and exit.

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