Recent Travel Styles A Day in the Life -2012 France and Spain

2012 Spain and France

It’s true that I have a hectic trip. But I don’t want to make it into something like « travel = relieving daily stress » or « travel = releasing from busy daily life ». It’s just a part of my life, and that’s my style.

It’s usually a routine holiday.

Even though it’s a special hobby that I devote a great deal of money and time to, I don’t want to make it too special.

The style of my recent trip has been driving several hundred kilometers a day, taking lots of photos, and updating my blog without fail…well, that’s about it.

I’m busy but this feels right. But I have to get a little creative and get used to it, it’s hard to execute.

This is what a day there looks like. (For convenience, I’ll start from the hotel check-in.

  • 19:00-20:00 ホテル・チェックイン
  • 20:00-22:00 夕食、写真整理(MBPにコピー)
  • 22:00-24:00 写真整理(MBPにコピー残り、RAW現像、flickrへのアップロード)、翌日の観光エリアの選定
  • 24:00- 就寝


  • 6:00-6:30 起床
  • 7:00-8:00 朝食、blog書く
  • 8:00-9:00 チェック・アウト、出発
  • 10:00-11:00 最初の観光開始
  • 12:00-14:00 引き続き移動&観光、あわせて昼食(サンドイッチ等が多い)
  • 15:00-19:00 移動&観光、この間にこの日泊まる場所の目処をつけてbooking.comアプリでホテル予約、ホテルへ移動

There are two things that support my hectic travels: first, hotel arrangements through, and second, photo organization.

First of all, the app, again, has been of great help. It makes the local hotel search much more efficient, so you can extend your sightseeing time.

Organizing photos on the MBP the night before, especially during or after dinner, is also an important factor. In particular, uploading the photos after RAW development to flickr the day before is indispensable for writing the blog the next morning.

The reason why I take the trouble to bring MacBook Pro is not only because HDD capacity is large, but also because it is possible to perform RAW development.

It may be true that there is no need to write a blog in the field, but it seems to be useful as a survival report. In addition, the memory of the trip does not deteriorate if it is recorded in real time.

However, it must be true that it takes a certain amount of physical and mental strength to continuously perform these tasks while being tired from a long drive. I manage to cope with this by experience and devising a routine.