Last day in Madrid, art and shopping -2012 France and Spain Real Time Edition No.20

2012 Spain Realtime


It’s finally the last day. This is the last update from there.

This is the end of this year’s GW trip, although it seems that GW was already a long time ago.

Because it’s an evening flight, we can go sightseeing in Madrid until about 15:00. But even so, I didn’t have much time to get ready and buy some souvenirs because I was about to leave.

In the morning, we mainly went to see art. Went to Queen Sofia and Thyssen-Bornemisza which I couldn’t go yesterday.

At Thyssen, there was a special exhibition of Chagall. We were lucky.



It was a bit crowded, even though they were limiting admission every 15 minutes.

By the way, the permanent collection was also wonderful. Personally, I like this museum the most in Madrid.

Afterwards, we walked around Puerta del Sol, shopping & snacking.


I went back to the hotel at 3pm to pick up my luggage and then went to the airport. I don’t remember it being that close.

So, even though I was temporarily unable to update this blog, I was able to record the entire trip in this blog.

Even though the content is trivial, it is important to be able to record properly in the limited time you have on your trip in order to preserve your precious memories.

I think I’ve improved my updating know-how a lot. (I usually write these blogs in about 10-15 minutes.