One-day trip to Kyoto


kougabu-kyoto 20111103-EOS7D15

I wonder when was the last time I walked around Kyoto for sightseeing purposes like this…

On November 3, I went to Kyoto on a day trip. The purpose of the visit was sightseeing, of course, but the main purpose was « photography ».

kougabu-kyoto 20111103-EOS7D06

kougabu-kyoto 20111103-EOS7D07

A walk from Gojo to Ginkakuji Temple in Higashiyama to the north.

kougabu-kyoto 20111103-EOS7D22

kougabu-kyoto 20111103-EOS7D20

kougabu-kyoto 20111103-EOS7D14

It was very hot and humid in Kyoto after a long time.

kougabu-kyoto 20111103-EOS7D08

kougabu-kyoto 20111103-EOS7D12

kougabu-kyoto 20111103-EOS7D04

Well, why did I go to Kyoto this time?


This was a memorable first project.

I participated with my favorite Canon EOS 7D and iPhone4S. The iPhone is great for casual shots, and using apps like instagram is also great.

kougabu-kyoto 20111103-iPhone09

kougabu-kyoto 20111103-iPhone08

I learned a lot of things from this first project. The most important thing is « Long sightseeing time! This is the most important point. It is very slow to go sightseeing while taking photos. This time, there were three of us, but we understood that we need to make a schedule with a lot of time to spare because it takes more time as the number of people increases.

I took a taxi and made it home just in time for the bullet train. It was very dangerous. Thanks to that, I didn’t have time to buy any souvenirs at all.

kougabu-kyoto 20111103-iPhone13

But even if I don’t get any souvenirs, I think the best souvenir is that I had a good time and took some great pictures.

By the way, it was the first time for me to visit Ginkakuji Temple and Nanzenji Temple so slowly even though I was in the neighborhood for four years…. If I had been doing photography back then, I might have done a lot of sightseeing.