Driving in Burgundy in fine weather – 2011 France Realtime No.12

2011 France realtime

Route des Grand Crus 20110427-IMG_8665

Well, it was Tuesday, April 26, I don’t remember how many days it was already, but it was another fine day. Or maybe it was the clearest day of the trip.

I came to Vezelay the night before at dusk and had to have dinner immediately, so this was the first day to walk around the town and take photos. But it’s a small village, so I finished my walk in about 30 minutes.

Vézelay 20110426-IMG_8112

Vézelay 20110426-IMG_8050

Then we departed from Vezelay after 11 o’clock. (We struggled to find a point to take a picture of the whole village…)

Vézelay 20110426-IMG_8155

Today’s trip was easier than the previous day, the 25th. Although we made some detours, it was almost as if we were going straight on the road to Beaune.

The scenery around here is like a painting. We drove in such a scenery all the time from this morning.


Besides Vezelay, the beautiful village of


Noyers 20110426-IMG_8230


Flavigny-sur-Ozerain 20110426-IMG_8467

I visited two of them.


Abbaye de Fontenay 20110426-IMG_8350

And the main part of the day is the « Route des Grand Crus ». From Flavigny-sur-Ozlan, we headed to Dijon and from there to this route.

Route des Grand Crus 20110426-IMG_8524

There were many place names that I had heard even I am not so familiar with wine. I bought wine in Joubray-Chambertin and Bougeot. I was a little curious about Bougeot.

Route des Grand Crus 20110427-IMG_8599

And I also went to Beaune Romanee, famous for « Romanee Conti ». I only saw the vineyards, though…

Route des Grand Crus 20110427-IMG_8705

I enjoyed the Grand Cru Road more than I expected.

The overnight stay for this day is in Boerne.