The long-awaited Google Maps for iOS has a navigation feature! I tried it out right away.


The long awaited Google Maps for iOS has finally been released today. It’s become a huge topic of conversation around here. There was an article in the evening edition of Nikkei.

I thought that I had finally returned to the old map, but I was right, Google! It was not such a thing. It evolved further and came back!

Oh my god, the nav function now sounds like it works on iOS! You’re too good!

It’s so easy to find your way around!

And very easy to navigate!

Here’s a capture of the actual navigation system.


It’s already almost as good as the previous navigation system, or maybe even better, considering the clarity of the map and the frequency of updates, I feel like I’ve made a huge difference.

And you can see the traffic situation, which is now a natural feature.

The street view is smooth and easy to see.

Google Maps is much more advanced than iOS5 Maps, and now it’s easy to see why the iOS6 Maps problem might have been a good thing in the first place.

Can’t wait to try it out overseas!


Category: Navigation

Released: Dec. 13, 2012

Version: 1.0

Size : 6.7 MB

Distributed by: Google, Inc.

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