Pilgrimage Road Trip No.2 Estella – Camino de Santiago 2012

2012 Spain and France
2012 Spain and FrancePilgrimage Route drive of Santiago de Compostela

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Date of visit: May 14, 2012, around 5:00 p.m.

The next stop was Estella. It’s a town that takes about 30 minutes from Puente la Reina by car.

The size of the city is much bigger than Puente la Reina. It took a little time to get off the highway and go to the city because of the congestion.

There was a public underground parking lot in front of the station (or was it a bus?). There was a public underground parking lot in front of the station, so I parked my car there and started sightseeing.

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But it’s still siesta? Shops are not open, it’s quiet, and there are few people. Churches are not open at all…

But just walking around the city, you can feel the old history, very nice.

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It seems that the court of the Kingdom of Navarre used to be here, and because of that, there are many large buildings and historical structures that stand out here and there.

But there are no shops or people at all (laughs)

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I don’t think the church was open! Is it because it was before 5 p.m.? Siesta in this area seems to be until about 5 or 6 p.m., as expected of Spain.

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Even so, I enjoyed walking around the town with a sense of style, and I was satisfied with the money I was able to put down because it was a town of a certain size. But I think it’s just timing, I didn’t see any pilgrims at all.

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