Yamanohotel Premium Shop & Salon de Thé Rosage -April 2012 Hakone Trip No.4-


Now the second day.

« Since we’re here, we should eat something sweet. »

Well, whatever the motive is, we went to Ashinoko Lake, even though it was still in the morning, because we could have a delicious seasonal dessert at this hotel by Ashinoko Lake.

箱根のホテルなら 小田急 山のホテル|箱根・芦ノ湖畔のリゾート宿泊予約 http://www.odakyu-hotel.co.jp/yama-hotel/

The place where you can eat the seasonal dessert is this annex which is a little far from the main building.

Right in front of us is Lake Ashinoko!

I ordered the « Apple Pie » that was recommended on the timeline instead of the seasonal dessert.

After all, I like « Apple » too (laughs).

What a surprise, they make the sauce in front of you. How skillful she is!

What a great container for this ice cream….

Here’s the finished product!

I thought it might be a little small at first, but it was surprisingly large. It was very tasty, just like its reputation.