We will participate in the National Sweets Marathon in Chiba Relay Marathon.

09. Sportsrunning

It’s the autumn of sports, but I haven’t been exercising at all, and since I missed the Tokyo Marathon, I haven’t been running more and more, but I’m going to participate in this project on Sunday the 21st!

走った人に、ご褒美を。スイーツマラソンin千葉 http://www.sweets-marathon.jp/entry/2012_chiba/

What kind of project is this!

スイーツマラソン最大の特長はコース上のエイドステーション! コース上に設置した給水所ならぬ「給スイーツ所」でひとくちスイーツが食べ放題です。 (もちろん給水所も設置しているのでご安心を) 約1~2キロの周回コースで、 1周する毎に給スイーツが楽しめます!

Oh, my God, that’s fantastic!

I thought a relay marathon would be fun, so I recruited members on twitter, and there was a good response.

The relay marathon is a plan to run 42.195km while taking turns.

We have received the participation certificate safely.