Here and Now! About the whole display


Now, it’s useful for recording information and navigating here. But the other day, an anonymous person pointed out in a comment on this blog that « When I use Now Here Now! (when I’m using « Now Here Now! » in France), it’s very annoying because it’s a map of the whole world.

Yes, I could understand why it would be annoying.

First of all, I was at fault. That is, I had left the « Publish on API map page » checked in the settings of My Page. I quickly unchecked it yesterday.

But that wasn’t the only solution.

If you look closely, you’ll see that it’s « always public in the API.

It didn’t show up for me on the Ima Koko Now page here↓

404 Page not found

If you use proxy, it seems to be displayed.

I want to continue to use this Konkoko Now, so I asked the administrator if there was any good way to change « Always open to the public by API ».

I got a reply as soon as possible, but the result seemed to be No. The reason was « Proxy can only get the location via api, so if you make it private in api as well, private users will not be shown in proxy at all.

But instead.

That’s what I was taught.

If you find it annoying to see the world map in the full view, please use the above method to avoid it.