A beautiful village on a hill – 2011 France Realtime No.13

2011 France realtime

Châteauneuf 20110427-IMG_8862

Châteauneuf 20110427-IMG_8862

Château-Chalon 20110428-IMG_9116

Château-Chalon 20110428-IMG_9116

April 27th, how many days has it been since I came here?

Today we visited a total of four beautiful villages and one World Heritage Site. I think the sightseeing areas were relatively concentrated, but it’s also true that we moved around a lot when we finished. Well, I’m in Lyon now, after all… (laughs)


Châteauneuf 20110427-IMG_8832

This village is located between Beaune and Auxerre, and you can see it on the right side of the highway A6 from Beaune to Paris. It is very conspicuous because there is nothing around it.


Château-Chalon 20110428-IMG_9049


Pesmes 20110427-IMG_8885


Arc-et-Senans 20110427-IMG_8954


Baume-les-Messieurs 20110428-IMG_9260

Beaune-les-Messieux was a very beautiful village nestled in a quiet valley. It was really quiet.

And this day, we came to Lyon. We had planned to stay in Besançon, a city in the Franche-Comté area, but we couldn’t find a good hotel, so we decided to change our plan and go to Lyon at once.

It was about 130km to Lyon by highway, so I thought it was not so far, but I got lost a little in Lyon city and checked in the hotel after 9pm.