Palazzo Venaria Reale from the Royal Palaces of the House of Savoia -2012 France and Spain

2012 Spain and France
2012 Spain and France

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Reggia di Venaria Reale 20120508-IMG_8331


The Royal Palaces of Savoia are scattered variously around Turin as well as in the city. We stopped by the royal palaces in the city, but I’d like to introduce this one, Palazzo Venaria Reale, which was more impressive.

Palazzo Venaria Reale is located on the outskirts of Turin, northwest of the city. On the way from the center of Turin, there was Juventus Stadium, wasn’t there? (Come to think of it, Juventus had won the league championship two days before this day.

It is indeed Italy that the parking lot is not maintained so that it may be said that it is at all for a splendid sightseeing spot as ever. It is a familiar thing to parallel park in the narrowest alley.

The main street leading to the palace.

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Reggia di Venaria Reale 20120508-IMG_8280

A very European town. This kind of restaurant is nice, isn’t it?

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It’s hard to do a lot of sightseeing in Italy, and I often get annoyed, but I think seeing such a lovely town will relieve some of that annoyance (laughs).

Now we came to the entrance of the palace. It’s not so fancy on the outside.

Reggia di Venaria Reale 20120508-IMG_8295

The inside is gorgeous!

The main attraction is the « Galleria di Diana » (Galleria of Diana).

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And the « Cappella di Sant’Uberto. »

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I was able to experience firsthand the glory of the Savoia family.

It may be because it was a weekday, but it was also good that there were relatively few people in the suburbs and could appreciate quietly.