World Heritage: Notre Dame de Reims Cathedral -2011 France

2011 France

Reims 20110502-IMG_0784

Date of visit: May 2, 2011, around 3:00 p.m.

Well, it’s been somewhat of a while since I’ve done a travel blog. This one is from when, oh my goodness, GW was here. I hadn’t finished that travelogue yet.

It’s been too long, so I reviewed it in the last two diaries. I mean, I can’t remember myself…

Clervaux(クレルボー)ルクセンブルク北部の小さな街 -2011 France-

Spa-Francorchamps(スパ・フランコルシャン)ベルギー -2011 France –

In other words, they followed the route from Luxembourg to Belgium to France.

This day was the last day when we had to return the car to Paris, right? (I remember now…) Belgium is closer than I thought, yes, it’s closer, but I was a little too excited at the spa, so the time seemed to be pushed more than I thought.

So I really only saw Lance quickly. After all, it is a world heritage site. It is a must-see. I’ve always wanted to go there, but finally my wish came true.

I was able to park my car in a parking lot near the cathedral without any problem, so I went to the cathedral as soon as possible on foot.

Yeah, it’s big!

Reims 20110502-IMG_0768

But the road in front, there’s a lot of traffic.

As you can imagine, I’ve seen many different cathedrals, but this one was probably the most powerful. As you approach it, you are overwhelmed by its scale.

Reims 20110502-IMG_0797


Reims 20110502-IMG_0814

But the inside might have been surprisingly plain.

Reims 20110502-IMG_0801

Reims 20110502-IMG_0802

It’s kind of too big, isn’t it? Despite the appearance, there wasn’t much to linger on inside.

But still, I don’t have much time. And we have to do Paris drive again. So I hurriedly bought some souvenirs and headed to Paris.

Please refer to here about souvenirs. Well, that’s Champagne, isn’t it!