World Heritage Site: Church of the Abbey of Saint-Savin-sur-Gartemps – 2011 France

2011 France
2011 France

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Date of visit: April 24, 2011

The weather changed rapidly on April 24, but we were able to do a lot of sightseeing because the sights were concentrated and easy to get to.

I’ve been to a total of five beautiful villages.

  1. Mortemart(モルトマール)
  2. Saint-Benoît-du-Sault(サン・ベノワ・ドゥ・ソー)
  3. Gargilesse-Dampierre(ガルジレス・ダンピエール)
  4. Angles-sur-l’Anglin(アングル・シュル・ラングラン)
  5. Crissay-sur-Manse(クリセ・シュル・マンス))

I also visited the church of the Abbey of Saint-Savin-sur-Gartemps, which is also registered as a World Heritage Site.

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It is located about 15 minutes south of the town we headed to after the third beautiful village, Gargilesse-Dampierre, and the next one we will visit, Angles-sur-l’Anglin.

The big town nearby is « Poitiers ».

The ancient Romanesque church has been listed as a World Heritage Site, according to WIkipedia, the exact date of its foundation is not known, but legend has it that it dates back to the 5th century.

It’s a very old town, don’t you think? I’ve been to many French cities, but just a two-hour drive away, you can see a different culture. It’s an amazing diversity in one country.

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Saint-Savin sur Gartempe » means « Saint-Savin along the Gartempe River ».

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Well, this place is « known for its 36 well-preserved Romanesque wall paintings ». Well, I didn’t have such knowledge when I went there… But if you look at the photo carefully, you can see such a picture written on the ceiling.

Saint-Savin 20110424-IMG_7075

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When I was actually sightseeing, I honestly didn’t think the inside was that great. After all, the sightseeing becomes more fun if there is a certain amount of knowledge, isn’t it? It’s no good.

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