I’ve had my DSLR for 6 years now.

04. Video-Relatedphoto

My EOS 7D 20120121-DSC02596

Mirrorless cameras are becoming more and more popular, but even so, I still like single-lens cameras.

I don’t have the skill or sense to take cool photos that well, but I definitely need this when I travel.

I started my SLR in 2006. It wasn’t that long ago.

I was taught how to use the SLR itself a bit earlier than that, at the manufacturer I used to be at.

We had a « photography training course » where we had to take pictures with a film SLR and develop them. We learned how to use a simple SLR, some shooting techniques, how to develop the film in a darkroom, and finally how to use a machine to make prints at a shop.

How I forgot about this myself, but it seems I’ve blogged about this in the past.

一眼レフのきっかけとなった「写真研修」 http://www.yuu-koma.jp/?p=743

Since 2004, I’ve been addicted to traveling alone in Europe, so I’ve gradually become interested in photography itself, and I bought an EOS kiss in the spring of 2006 when I took my first European drive.

By the way, when I say why I chose CANON, it’s because I heard that it’s a major company and that it’s often used in sports. And I liked the design. I’ve gotten used to CANON’s image quality, so I don’t think I can change anymore.

I’ve settled on the EOS 7D for now.

Of course, I bring a compact camera that can be used easily, but even though it’s heavy, I still prefer an SLR for travel.