Madrid Prado Museum – Free admission because it was International Museum Day – 2012 Spain and France

2012 Spain and France

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Date of visit: May 18, around 6:00 p.m.

Madrid is about 1:0 hour ahead of Avila.

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This is the end of our rental car driving trip and I would like to thank Audi A1 Kun for his great help. I returned the car at Atocha station in Madrid.

When I returned the car, a stone flew from the front and damaged the windshield while driving on the highway, so they took an extra charge for that, but the extra charge was about 100 euros and it was not important.

After returning the car safely, we checked into our hotel, which was about a minute’s walk from Atocha station.

After a bit of a siesta to sort out our luggage, we headed off to explore Madrid in the evening.

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First of all, we decided to go to the Prado Museum, which is about a 5-minute walk away.

As if on target, I got a Madrid-exclusive badge from Foursquare.

It is a museum with a good atmosphere as usual. I think this is my third visit.

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The entrance to the museum is on the north side.

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When I tried to enter immediately, I found such a sign.

Madrid 20120519-IMG_2520

どうやら5月18日は「国際博物館の日(International Museum Day)」ということで入場料が無料らしい。

This is lucky!

But you need to get a ticket normally at the reception.

But still, there was a day like this, wasn’t there? So, let’s enter!

I think that I was able to appreciate it relatively calmly because I thought that it was crowded with the thing that it was free, and there were not so many people.

(By the way, I don’t have any pictures of the inside. I think it was possible to take pictures.

However, I’ve seen this place carefully over several days in the past, so I only saw it for less than an hour this time.

I was surprised to see how much the museum shop and cafeteria have evolved in the past eight years. It seems that posters are now made in this on-demand style.

Madrid 20120519-IMG_2521

This mechanism is interesting.

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