On the move in Brittany – 2011 France Realtime No.6

2011 France realtime

Locronan 20110420-IMG_5551

I’m updating this diary from my car in a parking lot about 100 meters away from the hotel where I can get a good signal, because there is no signal at all in some areas even though we are in the same village.

The text itself was made yesterday at the hotel…

It seemed that we had hit the jackpot on this day of visiting beautiful villages. The first one, Le Faou, was not so great, but then we visited Locronan and Rochefort-en-Terre, which were very nice.

Le Faou 20110420-IMG_5263

Locronan 20110420-IMG_5472

Actually, it didn’t take as much time as it looked, but on the other hand, there were not so many places to see in this area, so it was difficult to adjust the schedule. I had a hard time to decide where to go today, but Rochefort-en-Terre was too good, so I decided to stay here.

Rochefort en Terre 20110421-IMG_5578

Rochefort en Terre 20110421-IMG_5650

The hotel that stood out the most was NG, so I used the Booking.com app I had installed to search the area. Thanks to this, I was able to stay at the hotel safely.

The only thing I could understand was French, but I got through it with Google Translate.

Rochefort en Terre 20110421-IMG_5555

The room was comfortable except for the fact that it was cold.