Flute Lesson No.62

05. Music

I’ve been having a lesson every week for a while now. For this week’s lesson, the teacher pointed out the following

« To check your embouchure in the mirror without holding up your instrument. »

« Hold your instrument without compromising your embouchure (which you checked in the mirror). »

I’ve always tried to practice with these things in mind.

It was very successful, and the sound was back to normal, so much so that I wondered what the slump of last week was all about.

Once again, thank you for your leadership.

I’ve been taking lessons using a teaching book called « Artes ». This book was recommended to me when I bought my first flute, and I bought it.

So I haven’t used it for the past three years, but now I can play it to some extent, even though I’m still a beginner, so I took out this book again with the meaning of reviewing.

Notes from yesterday.


« I can’t hold my breath on long notes. I tend to push back. »


However, these are too basic things that have been said many times in the past. We know them, but we tend to forget them, don’t we?