Flute Lesson No.60

05. Music

Whoa, what a 60th lesson.

To be honest, I wasn’t blowing at all this time… But I realized how important it is to have people see me even in such a state.

But I’m not being taught anything new at all. It’s all about the basics, all about what I’ve been told before. I wonder how many times I’ve done this already.

  • お腹でしっかりと支えて息を安定的に出す
  • 下唇をもっと効果的に使う
  • 倍音、ハーモニクスの練習をして高い音を安定的に出す練習
  • ブレス時に上体をむやみに動かさない

And the rest.

  • しっかりとタンギング
  • もっと息のスピードやアンブシュアのイメージを固めてから吹く

I guess that’s about it.